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Recent Journal Publications


  • SN 2014J at M82 – II. Direct analysis of a moddle-class Type Ia supernovae. Vallely, P.  et al. (I. Domínguez), 2016, MNRAS, 460,1614
  • The puzzle of the CNO isotope ratios in AGB carbon stars. Abia, C., R.P. Hedrosa, Domínguez, I., O. Straniero, 2016, A&A, in press
  • Gamma-ray emission from SN2014J near maximum optical light. Isern, J., et al. (Domínguez, I.), 2016, A&A, 588, A67, 11
  • SN 2014J at M82 – I. A middle-class Type Ia supernova by all spectroscopic metrics, Galbany, L. et al. (Domínguez, I.), 2016MNRAS…457…525G
  • Type Ia Supernovae: Can Coriolis Force Break the Symmetry of the Gravitational Confined Detonation Explosion Mechanism?, García-Senz, D., Cabezón, R., Domínguez, I., Thielemann, F.K. 2016ApJ819132G
  • On the Dependence of  Type Ia SNe Luminosities on the Metallicity of Their Host Galaxies, Moreno-Raya, M. et al ( Domínguez, I.), 2016ApJ818L19M
  • On the Need for the Light Elements Primary Process (LEPP), Cristallo, S.; Abia, C.; Straniero, O.; Piersanti, L.,  2015ApJ…801…53C.
  • The origin of fluorine: abundances in AGB carbon stars revisited; Abia, C.; Cunha, K.; Cristallo, S.; de Laverny, P., 2015A&A…584C…1A
  • Spectral models for early time SN 2011fe observations; Baron, E.; Hoeflich, P.; Friesen, Brian; Sullivan, M.; Hsiao, E.; Ellis, R. S.; Gal-Yam, A.; Howell, D. A.; Nugent, P. E.; Dominguez, I., 2015MNRAS.454.25
  • Observational Δν-ρ¯ Relation for δ Sct Stars using Eclipsing Binaries and Space Photometry.  García Hernández, A.; Martín-Ruiz, S.; Monteiro, Mário J. P. F. G.; Suárez, J. C.; Reese, D. R.; Pascual-Granado, J.; Garrido, R., 2015ApJ…811L..29G
  • Limits in the application of harmonic analysis to pulsating stars; Pascual-Granado, J.; Garrido, R.; Suárez, J. C., 2015A&A…581A..89P