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My given name is Esperanza and, my full name, Esperanza López Centella. I was born in Córdoba (Spain) in 1987. Since the year 2015, I am a Doctor in Mathematics at the Universidad de Granada (as well as at the Universidad de Málaga, Universidad de Almería, Universidad de Cádiz and Universidad de Jaén), from where I also got my Degree (BSc) in Mathematics and my Master’s Degree (MSc). My doctoral research was focused on the study of weak (Hopf) bialgebras and weak multiplier (Hopf) bialgebras from a categorical point of view. My current research interests are in noncommutative algebra and include the generalized theory of (weak) (multiplier) (Hopf) bialgebras, Frobenius algebras, (weak) wreath products, category theory, computational algebra, etc.

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